Clean and Safe

By joining the “Clean & Safe” seal, Memória Boutique Hostel will implement a set of practices that will contribute to the safety and trust of our guests and the entire team. Everyone's collaboration will be essential:



Use a mask


Wash your hands


Disinfect your hands


Our Team

All Employees have received specific information / training on:

• Internal protocol concerning the COVID-19 outbreak;

• How to comply with the basic precautions for the prevention and control of the infection related to the COVID-19 outbreak, including the procedures:

   - hand hygiene

   - respiratory etiquette

   - social conduct

• How to comply with daily self-monitoring to assess fever (to measure body temperature and to record the measurement value and time), check for cough or shortness of breath;

• How to comply with the guidelines from the Directorate Regional for Health for cleaning surfaces and treating clothes in our laundry;

• Correct use of the mask during the entire work period, by respecting the hygiene and safety conditions while putting it on, using it and taking it off.


Cleaning and Disinfection

• Washing and disinfection, in accordance with the internal protocol, of the surfaces where employees and clients move around, in order to control and prevent the infection;

• Cleaning, several times a day, of surfaces and objects of common use (including counters, light switches, doorknobs, handles);

• Preference is given to wet cleaning and the use of a water vacuum with hepa filter;

• Regular air renewal of rooms and enclosed spaces;

• In the kitchen area, the cleaning of utensils, equipment and surfaces is reinforced, and the direct handling of food by clients and employees is avoided as much as possible.

The cleaning and sanitation protocol ensures:

• After each check-out the disinfection of the room is done by nebulization;

• Definition of specific care when exchanging bed linen and cleaning the rooms, by favouring two spaced intervention times and with the adequate protection, according to the internal protocol;

• Removal of bed linen and towels without stirring or shaking them, and by rolling them from the outside inwards, without touching the body;

• Separate washing of employees' uniforms and bed linen / towels in the washing machine at high temperatures (around 60ºC).


Social distancing

• In the breakfast service, tables must be placed at a distance equal to or greater than 2 metres;

• Prior appointment for breakfast, which is served by an employee;

• Whenever occupation allows, the allocation of rooms must be interspersed.


Handling of Suspicious Cases

• Contact the employee responsible for triggering the procedures in case of suspected infection (accompanies the person with symptoms to the isolation space, provides the necessary assistance and contacts the regional health service);

• Decontamination must be carried out in the isolation area, whenever there are positive cases of infection, and cleaning and disinfection must be reinforced whenever there are patients suspected of being infected, especially surfaces frequently touched and used by those patients, according to instructions from DRS;

• Waste produced by patients suspected of infection must be stored in a plastic bag which, after being closed, is separated and sent to a licensed operator for the management of biologically hazardous hospital waste.